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Hirahara Hiori
Japanese 平原 陽桜莉
Rōmaji Hirahara Hiori
Gender Female
Height 158 cm
Weight 45 kg
Hair Color Brown (normal)
Pink (Reflector)
Eye Color Brown (Normal)
Pink (Reflector)
Personal Status
School Tsukinomiya High
Like Candy / Karaage
Relatives Hirahara Mio (Older sister)
Seiyū Iwami Manaka

Hirahara Hiori is one of the Main characters of Blue Reflection Ray and Blue Reflection Tie.




A girl who is always bright and straight without decorating and can get along with anyone immediately. She has a personality that can't leave people in need, and she's the type that moves before she thinks. She cherishes her older sister, who she has spent with her since childhood.


Blue Reflection Tie/Second Light[]

Hiori and Mio were born to a single mother who felt like she wasn't doing enough for the two children. After Hiori and Mio made a birthday cake from their own hands, she felt inadequate and went out to store. Their mother never returned, leaving Mio to take care of her younger sister.

Uta's alter constantly teases them, saying that their mother abandoned her because she didn't want them. It is believed that Hiori and Mio got their Reflector powers from when they reflected an attack that a demon summoned by Uta had done.

Hiori's Reflector powers gives her license to protect her older sister from the game's demons. Uta eventually tells her and Mio where their mother was and they comforted her; their mother said that she felt that she didn't feel like she was giving the two the best life, leaving Hiori shocked. Hiori, Mio and Uta have a bitter rivalry that is common sense and they constantly express their feelings for her to Ao, which said that the others would attack her if they need to. After Uta got her Fragment back, Hiori and Mio reluctantly forgives her for her past actions.



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