Hiori Hirahara
Japanese 平原 陽桜莉
Rōmaji Hirahara Hiori
Gender Female
Height 158 cm
Weight 45 kg
Hair Color Brown (normal)
Pink (Reflector)
Eye Color Brown (Normal)
Pink (Reflector)
Personal Status
School Tsukinomiya High
Like Candy / Karaage
Relatives Hirahara Mio (Older sister)
Seiyū Iwami Manaka

"I believe...I believe in the future!" -Hiori Hirahara

Hiori Hirahara is the protagonist of Blue Reflection Ray and a playable character in Blue Reflection Tie. She is a cheerful and kind girl who isn't exactly the brightest, but can hold her own nonetheless. The stubborn, yet determined younger sibling of Mio, once Hiori has her mind set on something, she'll give it her all to accomplish it.



Hiori has short brown hair, with a braided spot at the front. She has brown eyes beyond her Reflector form, which changes to pink along with her hair color. Her school uniform is predominantly white with a blue tie at the center and a darkened blue/near-black skirt.

In battle, Hiori carries two swords, although she only uses one most of the time. The second sword only appears in certain moves in Tie/Second Light, and is completely absent in Ray. Hiori's victory animation in Tie/Second Light also features her combining the swords to create a sort of glaive or staff.

Reflector Hiori.png
Hiori in her Reflector form.
As a Reflector, her hair color and eyes change to pink as aforementioned. Her uniform transforms into a pink sundress with a bigger tie at the center. In Ray, there are black accents on her dress, but these are replaced with blue accents in Tie/Second Light. Around her arms are sleeve-like garments, in Ray there is an additional black cloth and wings, these are not present in her Reflector form in Tie/Second Light. Her Reflector form also features gloves with a crystal attachment. There is a small space in the front of her dress where her belly button is exposed, this exact space is wider in her Ray design. On the side of Hiori's head, there is a white lily, and in Tie/Second Light, there are small jewels that are attached to her braided spot. Hiori's footgear includes a white and black-striped boots with small openings of skin on both boots.


Cheerful Hiori.jpg
Hiori reassuring Ao everything will be okay.

Hiori is, most of the time, bright and cheerful, and can get along with anyone immediately. She has a personality that can't leave people in need, and she's the type that moves before she thinks. Often when given a task, Hiori will give nothing but her best, even if at the risk of overworking herself. She is highly energetic, and often takes much longer to tire out than most people, if she even can tire out at all. However, despite these traits, Hiori can also be quite clumsy, and sometimes even fail to perform the most basic of tasks, such as cutting paper. Like Mio, Hiori can also have trouble expressing how she really feels, and has bottled up her feelings more than once. She cherishes her older sister Mio, who she has known since childhood, and is very close to her. Previously, Mio was Hiori's only concern, until with enough time and experiences, Hiori grew to not worry as much about Mio as before, but she still maintains a strong and caring relationship with Mio to this day.

Hiori and Ruka.png
Hiori and Ruka together.

Hiori deeply cares about all who are her friend, including Mio as aforementioned, as well as her friends, from Ruka to Ao. She is wiling to do whatever she can to help those around her, although she can forget to care for herself too. Hiori also takes things at face value as well, and has more often than not fallen victim to jokes and teases that she could not discern.

Story (Contains spoilers for Ray and Tie/Second Light)

Blue Reflection Ray (Pre-Reset)

Hiori's Collapse.png
Hiori as she collapsed following the destruction of her Fragment.

"Sis, it hurts...why did you have me go to Tsukinomiya? Did you not want me? Is that why you abandoned me? Is that why Mom left us? Sis, you dummy...I don't want this anymore! It hurts. I want to disappear." -Hiori's true thoughts during her Fragment's destablization

In the original timeline, Hiori and Mio lived together with their mother, and solely their mother, as their father had passed away at an unspecified point in the past. However, at another point in the past, their mother abandoned them, although at that moment in time, she justified leaving them under the disguise of going to get lightbulbs. The sisters would live alone for a few years, first with optimistic hopes that their mother was going to return. However, as the years went on, the sisters' relatives had realized their mother wasn't coming home, adding on to that was that she had left her credit card and other materials for the sisters to use. Mio, while she was aware of the situation, was still holding on to hope, if not for Hiori's sake.

The sisters continued to live alone, Mio now taking on a part-time job to support her and Hiori. On Hiori's end however, she continued to be the happy go-lucky child, unaware of the situation at hand and still believing their mother was going to return. At least once during Tanabata did the sisters wish for their mother to come home. It was during this time Hiori would grow closer to Mio, even admitting loving her. Mio would discover this in one of Hiori's journals later, and the pressure amounted on her would only ever increase.

Finally, on Christmas, Mio would reveal she signed Hiori up to attend Tsukinomiya Girls High School, her intention at that point being she wanted Hiori to "experience new worlds," while also promising that Hiori can come home at any time. Ever grown closer to Mio, Hiori would hug a tearful hug to Mio, almost never wanting to let go.

While Mio was engaging in Reflector activities, Hiori would, as Mio hoped she would, attend Tsukinomiya Girls High School, and even meet who would be her companion in the new timeline, Ruka Hanari.

Unfortunately, as time went on, Hiori would misunderstand Mio's intention, and start thinking Mio actually wanted her out of her life. Feeling a sense of abandonment and heartbreak, Hiori would return home to the apartment she and Mio lived, and her Fragment would begin destabilizing. Mio returned at the same time Hiori's Fragment began destabilizing. Sadly, despite Mio's best efforts, Hiori's Fragment destroyed itself, and Hiori collapsed into a coma. At that same timing, Netzach would appear in Tsukinomiya, the final Sephirot that fellow Reflector Momo Tanabe and Mio had been hunting. With time frozen at that exact moment, Mio would mistook Hiori's collapse as evidence she died, breaking Mio's spirit and destroying every last sense of will in her. This loss of will and broken spirit in Mio ended up preventing her from standing up against Netzach, and before Momo could access the situation, Netzach would destroy Tsukinomiya and the world, killing not just Hiori, but Mio, Momo, and everyone. The timeline would then reset from there.

Blue Reflection Ray (Post-Reset/Current Timeline)

Hiori's Light.png
Hiori surrounded by the spirit and light of her friends and companions during the assault on the Saint Ines church.

"There's nothing weird or funny about caring for someone else!" -Hiori towards Uta during the first assault on the Saint Ines church

Following the reset, Hiori would continue to attend Tsukinomiya Girls High School, unaware of Mio's current status as a rogue/Red Reflector. Hiori's worry at this point in time was looking for her sister, hearing a voice in her head from Mio requesting Hiori to find her. It was one night when Hiori was returning to the school dorms that she would run into Ruka Hanari, her soon-to-be Reflector partner in the current timeline. After a few attempts in getting to know Ruka, the rings they both wore would lead them to an incident with Uta Komagawa, another rogue/Red Reflector part of the ongoing rogue operation to seize Fragments and open a door to the Common. While attempting to save fellow student Miyako Shirakaba, Hiori would discover she was a Reflector as well.

Over the course of the Reflector-Reflector conflict, Hiori and Ruka would work together and grow closer to each other while battling the rogue Reflectors at multiple fronts and situations. During the conflict, Hiori's anguish and torment in wanting to find Mio would only grow bigger, and upon discovering Mio's status as a rogue Reflector under Shino's order, Hiori's spirit nearly broke. She would then share her feelings and how much Mio means to her to Ruka, who would promise to take care of her as much as she can.

Upon the assault at the Saint Ines church to rescue Ruka, Hiori would attempt swaying Mio back to her via diplomatic methods, disarming herself of her Reflector ring and trying to give herself in, justifying the action as loving Mio as much as she (Hiori) loves Ruka. As the assault on the church escalated, Hiori's determination and refusal to give in would end up allowing her to restore the emotions of rouge Reflector Niina Yamada, much to the latter's cynicism and anger beforehand. At that same moment however, Shino would rip open a new dimension using Mio as a battery source, and before escaping, Shino would completely corrupt Mio and her will, much to the total despair and tears of Hiori at that moment in time.

Some time later, Hiori would renew her focus and continue fighting Shino's order, with Mio now taking a new ruthless stance and power. During this new phase of the conflict, Hiori would successfully sway Niina into fighting alongside Hiori and Ruka for good, and even meeting Ryoka and Amiru and holding a cook out with them at the dorms. Unfortunately, the day after, Hiori and Ruka would meet Ryoka and Amiru again, now under Shino's order. The sight of the friends she had only just made the day before now becoming the enemy broke her and Ruka once more, before Niina offered to show Hiori why Mio has changed, and thus presenting Hiori the memories of the original timeline, breaking her when she realized she was the reason the world was destroyed and Mio, the person she is now.

Following the experience, Hiori's anguish would only worsen, finally coming to a head when she began wondering if Mio's quota of "making a world where she won't have to feel negative emotions" is actually the right thing. Despite Ruka's best efforts to bring Hiori back to focus, Hiori dashed off, unable to comprehend the situation, and running into Ryoka and Amiru, nearly gave up her Fragment until interception by Ruka shut it down. Following a skirmish that eventually brought Mio to the fray, Hiori began wondering if she was really doing the right thing, even as Shino breached the Common and began attempting to conquest it, causing widespread overgrowth on Earth. When Mio and Hiori clashed again, a sudden breach into what Mio truly thought was what would ultimately sway Mio back to Hiori, followed by one last clash and incident with Shino before Mio truly regained her self-being and her will.

Afterwards, upon finally understanding what Mio meant by "experiencing new worlds," Hiori finally regained her well-being, happy to see her beloved sister is happier now than she ever was before, spending time with Momo once more and finally able to feel emotions again. On the assault to reclaim the Common and save Shino later, Hiori's reluctance to leave Mio behind was resolved by Mio reminding her that she'll never leave Hiori alone again. With her spirit recharged, Hiori and crew charged forth to retake the Common and stop Shino.

Eventually, it was discovered that-in the midst of Shino's breakdown following the death of her sister Kano and abuse from the Saint Ines Religion-Shino was chasing for Hiori, wanting to see her but being unable to. With this realization in mind, Hiori and Ruka would find Shino and restore her feelings once and for all, finally bringing Shino back to the light. As the team was departing the Common following it's liberation, Hiori offered some last words to Mio, who had sacrificed herself earlier in the assault trying to reach Shino, before the sisters parted ways. Hiori and Ruka would return to the dorms together, with Shino under their care and away from her abusive mother.

Blue Reflection Tie/Second Light (Pre-Oasis/The Ash Crisis)

Hiori and Mio Traveling Together.jpg
An artistic representation of what Hiori and Mio searching for their mother might've looked like.

"We were happy as long as we were together, eating our mom's curry." -Hiori in regards to her and Mio's search for their mother

Sometime after the dissolution of Shino's order and the end of the Reflector-Reflector conflict, Hiori would run into Mio, who appeared to have survived the assault of the Common, but with her Fragment and memories completely lost, and now living life "in a daze." Hiori would then borrow some of Yuzu and Lime's powers, and in a moment unlike any in their history, Hiori would implant into Mio part of her feelings, and in conjunction, part of Hiori's own Fragment. The action was possible, according to Yuzu, because of the deep connection the sisters' emotions and memories had. At any rate, it was thanks to Hiori and those shared memories that Mio was given a second chance at living. The sisters were at that point, sharing a Fragment.

With the sisters reunited, Hiori and Mio would then re-begin the search for their mother, a search they had previously tried when they were younger, but had gave up at an unspecified point in the past. During their renewed search, the sisters would run numerous times into Uta, who was still a rouge/Red Reflector at large, even with the collapse of Shino's order. During some of their skirmishes with Uta, the masochistic rouge Reflector would express having knowledge of their mother's whereabouts, and upon clarification asked by Hiori and Mio, would claim the knowledge is thanks to the benefits of wielding "the power of a god."

At some point, conflicts between the Hirahara sisters and Uta ceased, but the search for the sisters' mother continued. Uta offered her knowledge and what she knew and figured about the situation. At one encounter, Uta stated to the sisters that their mother grew resentful of them, blaming them for the constant stress she was under.

Eventually, the sisters would indeed find their mother, but not before being met with a refusal from her. Their mother refused to see Hiori and Mio, claiming she put the sisters through much pain, and feeling unable to adequately care for them, felt that they were ashamed of her. Unwanting to make them feel any further hurt, she abandoned them, claiming they would be better off without her. Struck with the realization that they never took their mother's feelings into account, Hiori and Mio swayed her back to them by sharing how they really felt, while also reassuring her that she wasn't at fault, and there's no need to apologize, a habit that runs deep in the Hirahara family. Their mother heeded their words, and before long, the sisters were reunited with their mother.

At another unspecified point in time, the Ash Crisis would worsen, and Hiori and Mio's Reflector abilities were reenabled, courtesy of Yuzu and Lime. The sisters were amongst many Reflectors who fought against the Ash, but as the odds were turned against the Reflectors and the Ash began destroying the world en masse, the Oasis project would get underway. Amongst the few who answered Yuzu and Lime's contingency call was Hiori and Mio, who would lose their memories and become stuck in a mental stasis as Yuzu and Lime hastily created Oasis to evade the Ash and bring the Reflectors to safety outside the World System's rampage.

Blue Reflection Tie/Second Light (Main campaign/Against the World System)

Hiori and Mio Reunited (Again).jpg
Hiori and Mio reunited in their Heartscape.

"(I know that one day these two will be separated from one another. That they will have to overcome great hardships in order to be together again. But I know no matter how far apart they are, they will always...)" -Kokoro Utsubo, in regards to Hiori and Mio

Sometime into Ao Hoshisaki and the team's efforts to gather Reflectors and discover the truth of Oasis, a successful construction of a tree for Tanabata would awaken Kokoro Utsubo's memories of Hiori, and summon Hiori from her mental stasis and into Oasis, without her memories.

Hiori arrived into Oasis with no memory of anything except who she is, how to use certain objects, and her sister. In a matter similar to before the Ash Crisis, Hiori would hear the voice of Mio calling her to her and Mio's Heartscape as it suddenly appeared in Oasis. Determined to reunite with her beloved sister once more, Hiori joined Ao and the crew and ventured into her and Mio's Heartscape.

As they traversed the Park of Lost Children, Hiori would regain her memories of when she was looking for Mio, her hope to reunite with her coming true when she saw her knocked down near the gates to a church in the Heartscape. Before she can reach her however, an ambush broke out in front of the Reflectors, resulting in a brief, yet chaotic battle. Following the battle, Hiori went straight for Mio, and woke her up. As Hiori held her breath, Mio recognized Hiori, revealing she too still remembers Hiori. Full of joy, Hiori and Mio were reunited once again, and they returned to the school in Oasis together along with Ao and the team. After Mio was explained about the situation, the Reflectors-now with Hiori and Mio tagged along-ventured back into the Hirahara sisters' Heartscape, Hiori vowing to protect Mio when it was discovered Mio's Reflector powers were disabled, meaning she can no longer fight. The girls would discover Hiori and Mio's memories, including when their mother began resenting them, as well as Hiori and Mio's early days of searching for their mother, before it all came to a head at the Sealed Skies, where Hiori and Mio would reclaim their Fragment, and with it, their memories.

Sometime later during an extreme school makeover as spearheaded by fellow non-combatant Yuki Kinjou, the successful construction of the Sunflower Field would summon long-time adversary Uta to Oasis, much to Hiori and Mio's surprise and disbelief. While at first Mio and Hiori were very distrustful of Uta, Hiori would eventually give Uta a chance after Ao announced the Reflectors will help Uta recover her memories as well, Mio following suit with Hiori. When Uta later regained her Fragment, the new personality that shined in her alongside remnants of her old, emotionless self helped land Uta her first true friend: Hiori herself.

Alongside the rest of the Reflectors capable of fighting, Hiori took part in the final battle against Origin. After the Reflectors returned to the world created by their memories, Hiori has a run-in with Ao by surprise.

Talent Level Story

Throughout Hiori and Mio's stay in Oasis, Hiori begins having doubts about whether she's too positive for her own good, and if she's really as helping as she thinks she is. Ao starts to wonder if there's anything she can do to help Hiori overcome this self-doubt, and as they grow closer to each other, Ao reminds Hiori that her kindness on the surface is, in a way, how she wants to be seen by others, and there are people who like it when people like Hiori view them as they want to be viewed. She then reminds Hiori of the many people's lives who became better thanks to Hiori, because of the kindness that radiates from Hiori, and because of the smile Hiori has for them. This ends up restoring Hiori's faith, and with a renewed spirit in her, Hiori and Ao would then hitch a plan to cheer everyone up and make them smile, even as the war against the World System brought it's despair and heaviness on the Reflectors.

Finally, Hiori decides to try out what she and Mio did when they were younger as a way to cheer up the team. Hiori and Ao would venture into the Sealed Skies in the sisters' Heartscape, and upon reclaiming a memory, would discover that Hiori's way of making Mio laugh when they were younger was actually just Hiori and Mio splashing together at the beach with their clothes still on. Hiori learned at that moment that the happiness everyone gains from her is because Hiori is just being herself, the kind and cheerful, loving, and enthusiastic girl full of sunshine. With a renewed heart, Hiori and Ao put their plan in motion, and back at the school, the Reflectors indeed were splashing one another with their clothes still on, Mio once again taking part in the party. The experience was a reminder to Hiori that her genuine heart and true-hearted kindness is all it took to make anyone around her smile.


Across her service as a Reflector, Hiori has formed many relationships with many characters.

Mio Hirahara

Mio and Hiori.png
Mio looks at Hiori as they watch the Tanabata fireworks together.

Status: Sisters

As evident throughout her story, Hiori and Mio are biologically sisters. They grew up together to a single mother, and in the pre-reset timeline, were very close. Previously in that timeline, Mio was often taking care of Hiori, often to unsustainable levels. What kept Mio going then was Hiori's happiness, and Mio's wish when she became a Reflector was to keep Hiori happy. Alas, Hiori's collapse before the battle with Netzach would ultimately send Mio into a spiral that would lead her to become a rogue Reflector in the current timeline.

During the Reflector war, the closeness Hiori and Mio shared was what drove Hiori to search for her, and becoming a Reflector in hopes of getting one step closer to finding her. Although discovering Mio's status as a rogue Reflector taking Fragments and having her be taken away from her has broken her will more than once, it was not enough to stop Hiori from trying, and eventually, succeeding in her goal to rescue Mio.

After the Reflector war, both sisters have come to terms with each other, having truly understood what the other was feeling. The experiences they've both been through have only brought them closer together, with Ao even remarking that their relationship is "something really strong," and Mio often thanks Hiori for shaping her to become the person she is now.

As of Second Light, the sisters still maintain a strong relationship with one another.

Ruka Hanari

Hiori and Ruka Together.png
Hiori looking at Ruka with a smile.

Status: Partners (non-romantically)

Ruka and Hiori first met during Hiori's search for Mio at the beginnings of the Reflector war, with Hiori returning to the dorms only to find Ruka sharing a dorm with her. Hiori would almost immediately obsess over Ruka, and both girls would, under the guidance of Momo and Miyako, begin finding common ground with each other and learning how to be Reflectors together.

Ruka noticeably cares very much about Hiori, especially after Hiori shares about how much Mio meant to her. Ruka is often having to find Hiori should she ever lose her focus, and has reminded Hiori not to lose her hope, for as long as she has Ruka, everything will be okay. Such measures however were not enough when Hiori's anguish over Mio reached it's peak and Hiori nearly surrendered her Fragment to Ryoka and Amiru.

Despite these incidents, however, Hiori and Ruka still maintained a strong relationship, with Ruka having stood up for Hiori more than once, and giving Hiori comfort in her darkest hours. They have also proven capable of resonating with each other, a sign of deep connection similarly to Mio and Momo at their peak. Hiori and Ruka would also, at the end of the Reflector war, live together with Shino at the Tsukinomiya Girls dorms.

Ruka is not present in Second Light, and it is unknown at this time her involvement in the Ash Crisis.

Momo Tanabe

Hiori convincing Momo.png
Hiori gets a little too excited with Momo.

Status: Friends

Momo is one of Hiori's friends and fellow Reflectors. During the Reflector war against Shino and her rogue Reflectors, Momo was the one who offered to teach Hiori and Ruka the ways of Reflectors, and bring them close together to use resonations. However, Hiori also protected Momo throughout the conflict, and Momo in turn, after learning about the anguish Hiori is going through to find Mio, was ready to stand guard and protect Hiori and help her save Mio. It would come to a head during the assault at the Saint Ines church, when in an attempt to seize Hiori's Fragment, Mio would accidentally take Momo's.

Momo is not present in Second Light, and it is unknown at this time her involvement in the Ash Crisis.

Miyako Shirakaba

Miyako tugging Hiori.png
Miyako pulls on Hiori's cheeks.

Status: Friends

Miyako was the first girl Hiori saved after transforming into a Reflector. From there, Miyako would offer her support and help in combating Shino's order, albeit directly in combat due to lacking a Reflector ring. She and Hiori get along well, although there have been rocky moments between them, such as when the team was processing over Mio and the rogue Reflectors. However, by the time of the assault to liberate the Common, Miyako seems to have bonded closely with Hiori and the rest of the Reflectors, even wishing to be able to fight alongside them directly. Miyako has also become keenly aware of Hiori's habit of bottling up her feelings, and is keeping close attention to ensure her friend is really as well as she claims to be.

Miyako is not present in Second Light, and it is unknown at this time her involvement in the Ash Crisis.

Shino Mizusaki

Hiori and Ruka hug Shino.png
Hiori and Ruka hugging Shino tightly and almost never wanting to let go.

Status: Enemies (during the Reflector war), companions (post-Reflector war)

As leader of the rogue Reflectors taking Fragments and attempting to breach the Common, as well as the one holding Mio captive, Shino was originally Hiori's enemy, although this was unknown to Hiori at first, and even after it was discovered, Hiori felt more of concern for Shino's activities than outright hostility, wishing she understood why Shino is doing what she is doing. On Shino's end, however, Shino felt complete hostility towards Hiori, finding her an annoyance in her plan to remove the world of it's feelings, and has called her out more than once. Shino has also attempted to take Hiori's Fragment, although this was thwarted.

However, in the past, Shino was wanting to talk to Hiori, but never could as Shino lost her before she was caught by her abusive mother. When Hiori and Ruka discover this, they offer to take care of Shino herself, restoring Shino's humanity and freeing her of the darkness that once clouded her mind. After the conflict, Hiori and Ruka took Shino in and signed her up to attend Tsukinomiya as well.

Shino is not present in Second Light, and it is unknown at this time her involvement in the Ash Crisis. It is also unknown at this time how she truly feels now towards Hiori.

Ao Hoshizaki

Hiori and Ao.jpg
Ao reassuring Hiori.

Status: Dating(?)

As with other girls in Second Light, Ao can spend time with, hang out with, and grow closer to Hiori.

Ao and Hiori met when Hiori was first summoned to Oasis. When Hiori first began recovering her memories, Ao felt a great responsibility to help her recover her memories, and after Hiori and Mio both reclaimed their Fragment and memories, Ao noted being proud of them both.

Ao likes the sincerity and hardworking aspects Hiori has, and has made her want to be like Hiori. When Hiori had her moments of self-doubt, Ao reassured her that she is helping, that she is the radiant, kind girl everyone smiles to, and that alone is what makes her a good person. Both Ao and Hiori have teamed up on plans together, including making everyone smile following a clash with The One Who Came From Nothing at the school. Ao still enjoys teasing Hiori though, with Hiori unable to discern the teases.

As of now, Hiori and Ao are closely bonded, on a status similar to Ruka's relationship with Hiori.

Niina Yamada

Hiori and Niina hugging.png
Hiori hugs Niina with sheer joy.

Status: Enemies (formerly), acquaintances (one-sided on Hiori's part, also formerly), friends

During the Reflector war, Niina, along with the rest of Shino's order, was also hostile towards Hiori, a hostility that would only amp itself up upon Niina discovering it was because of Hiori's collapse in the original timeline that Mio was in the despair she was in during the conflict in the current timeline. While she was still highly devoted to Mio, Niina would use that resentment and knowledge against Hiori, much to the latter's confusion and questionment.

However, after having her feelings restored during the assault at the Saint Ines church, Niina would realize what was really happening, and defect from Shino's order. That being said, Niina would still show some disdain towards Hiori, until after seeing Hiori's determination and feeling regret over Amiru's current state at that time, Niina joined forces with Hiori and Ruka. It would be Niina that would show Hiori the memories of the original timeline, and how Mio was driven into despair and cynicism.

Finally, after Mio defected from Shino's order and a regrouping and downtime at the dorms, Niina's spirit was finally renewed after an ambush with Uta. Niina's resentment and anger had finally dissolved, and Hiori, who was saved by Niina following the ambush, gave her a warm hug. Niina's ring at that moment in time had also changed from red to blue. Niina would then participate in the final assault on the Common, and was amongst the many that returned from the Common.

Niina is not present in Second Light, and it is unknown at this time her involvement in the Ash Crisis.

Uta Komagawa

Hiori and Uta.jpg
Hiori reminds Uta of where they are now.

Status: Enemies (formerly), friends

Like with the rest of Shino's order, Uta also was openly hostile with Hiori, although mostly because Hiori kept getting in the way of the rogue Reflectors' inhumane operations. Like the rest of the rogue Reflectors, Uta fought against Hiori, simply because she was the enemy. This sentiment continued even after Shino's order dissolved, leaving Uta the only rogue Reflector still at large. She would then engage in skirmishes against Hiori and Mio, and then offer them knowledge during their search for their mother.

While in Oasis however, Uta found herself in a whole new position. Without her memories, she was, in a way, a new person. Hiori gave her a chance to redeem herself when Ao announced the Reflectors were to help Uta regain her memories. As the operation went on, Hiori's sentiment towards Uta changed, and soon enough, when Uta did regain her memories, Hiori offered to become her first true friend. Uta seemingly obliged.

It is unknown at this time their current sentiment, but Hiori and Uta appear to be getting along well.


  • Hirahara means "flat, broad, level, even, peaceful" (平) (hira) and "field, plain" (原) (hara).
  • Hiori means "light, sun, male" (陽) (hi), "cherry blossom" (桜) (o) and "white jasmine" (莉) (ri).


  • Hiori looks similar to Hinako Shirai, the protagonist of the original Blue Reflection game.
  • Hiori's name is said to have a soothing aura on people, which is why it was chosen to be her name, according to a dating spot the player can travel to in Second Light.
  • Hiori is the most innocent and pure character across the Blue Reflection universe, the second being Kokoro.
  • If the player visits the gates to the church in the Hirahara Sisters' Heartscape in Second Light, there is an event that can occur where Hiori jokingly proposes to Mio about a pretend wedding. This is merely only for a joke, and beyond that, no other occasions of such occur.
  • Hiori first appeared in Blue Reflection Ray, and her appearance in Blue Reflection Second Light is joined by Mio and Uta.
  • Hiori is playable in the demo version of Blue Reflection Second Light in the Story Demo experience. She is also available in the photo mode in this same manner.
  • Hiori's favorite food is curry. As of now, she doesn't seem to have any other favorite food other than curry.
  • According to her profile in Second Light, Hiori does not dislike anything.


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