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Hoshizaki Ao
Japanese 星崎 愛央
Rōmaji Hoshizaki Ao
Gender Female
Height 157 cm
Weight 45 kg
Hair Color Brown (normal)
Pink (Reflector)
Eye Color Brown (Normal)
Pink (Reflector)
Personal Status
Like Anime / Light Novels
Seiyū Yanagihara Kanako

Hoshizaki Ao is the protagonist of Blue Reflection Tie.


A girl who spends a normal day. She scored a red dot on the final exam, and when she entered school during the summer vacation to take supplementary lessons, she wandered into a strange world. She meets Kokoro, Yuki, and Rena in the world, and she collaborates to find a way to return to her original world.





Blue Refection Tie/Second Light[]

One day, in the real world, a message saying "Be Reborn" appears on Ao's smartphone as she was transferring classes. A strange light engulfed her and sucked her into Oasis, where Rena and Kokoro were. Unlike the others, Ao remembers pretty much everything about her former life. Before long after Ao arrived, Kokoro's Heartscape appeared and the three decide to look for materials there. When they stepped foot in her Heartscape, they came upon a demon that they've never seen before. Ao asked ReSource, an AI created by Lime, if there's something they can do to defeat it and the AI states that her, Kokoro and Rena are Reflectors and can call upon weapons from their rings. Ao and the others defeat the demon and began exploring the Heartscape.

Ao is the leader of the group, often leading the others into battle and into each individual Heartscape to recover said memories. When things look down, Ao always cheers the others up by thinking of an alternative plan to lift up the moods of the others. However, the pressure of Ao being the leader begins to weigh on her when some things happen in Oasis that she believes is her fault, such as the cracks (bugs) that appear.

Ao is the last one to get a Heartscape, considering that all of her memories are already with her. With the help of the others, Lime and Yuzu manage to create one from taking a piece of Ao's heart and creating a Heartscape out of the Fragment. While exploring the Heartscape, the others seem confused about how normal it was, until this giant gear like object appears in the sky. It is later found out that the World System may have manipulated Ao's memories before she came to Oasis. As they venture into the structure, they put their individual Fragments into mechanisms and one by one begin to leave the FreeSpace group. Ao and the others then reach the heart and the demon representing Ao's doubts appears and battles it. Just as Ao and the others were about to pass out from exhaustion, the others transfer their memories and feelings into Ao so she can continue fighting. Using their energy, Ao defeats the demon.

Back at the academy, Ao says goodbye to the others and wishes them good luck in the new world that they wanted to create.




Her surname Hoshizaki (星崎) means "star peninsula" while her given name Ao (愛央) means "center of loves".

Ao with a different kanji also means "blue" (青), which is one of the Blue Reflection series' themes.