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Komagawa Uta
Japanese 駒川 詩
Rōmaji Komagawa Uta
Gender Female
Height 157 cm
Weight 45 kg
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Blue
Personal Status
Like Rationality / Music
Seiyū Tanabe Rui

Komagawa Uta is one of the characters of Blue Reflection Ray and Blue Reflection Tie.


Uta is climbing the stairs to get Miyako Shirakaba and choking her



She has short brownish hair She has grey eyes i guess;



Blue Reflection Tie/Second Light[]

Uta accidentally comes in the story, surprising Hiori and Mio especially. Since a young age, Uta has felt an emotional detachment, resulting in her to develop a split personality that grates on Hiori and Mio. Uta’s alter is apparently a Reflector, but she’s not in the main story. She also loves to tease Hiori and Mio about their mother who apparently left them when they were young because she felt guilty about her daughters working around the house, cooking birthday cakes, etc.

She’s incapable of feeling sympathy for people, often not caring about what her grandmother was doing or saying. As she’s exploring her Heartscape originally, she started to lose control presumptive due to guilt and her Heartscape begins to collapse, leaving the others to retreat with her for the time being. Upon exploring her Heartscape again later on the story, it’s much more tolerable for her and the others to explore.

Hiori and Mio constantly are worried that, when she gets her Fragment back, she’d go back to the narcissistic, evil person that they’ve come to known, but Ao continues to reassure them that, if push comes to shove, they will take her down. When Uta does get her Fragment back, she tells Ao and the others what she knows about the situation and spend the rest of the story repairing her damaged relationship with Hiori and Mio.


  • Komagawa means "pony, horse, colt, piece" (駒) (koma) and "river, stream" (川) (kawa/gawa).
  • Uta means "poetry, poem" (詩).