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Kuno Kirara
Japanese 久野 きらら
Rōmaji Kuno Kirara
Gender Female
Height 147 cm
Weight 38 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Personal Status
Like Creativity / Doll collecting
Seiyū Ōno Yūko

Kuno Kirara is one of the characters of Blue Reflection Tie.


Kuno comes off as mysterious, intelligent and reserved. At a young age, she began hearing voices from The Divine and as such, was made fun of the ability by those around her. She comes across a run away child named Yuka and quickly becomes friends with her. Her father became obsessed with her power to predict things before they happen after their village residents praised her for a bear attack and started a career in politics, using his daughter as political leverage.


Though not a Reflector herself, she provides passive support and permanent stat boosts to the others.




After her Heartscape appears, Ao and the others venture in and finds Kuno unconscious in front of them. They then take her to the school's infirmary and Yuzu remarks that she's still alive, but pretty weak. Ao eventually thinks that the embarrassing memories of the others would be powerful enough to wake her up with Yuzu's thoughts, so they gather the memories, afterwards, making a type of physical medication which are comprised of the memories. She wakes up in a similar situation as the others, but seems to remember a little bit about her ability. Ao and the others venture into her Heartscape again and eventually learn that, in an effort not to betray her friend, Yuka, Kuno told the truth about who broke the Urn and got the mayor's son in trouble. She mentions afterwards that she went back to being the village's oracle, though she doesn't mention if her dad continued with his political career.